I am a hand weaver living in the south west of Scotland, producing small numbers of luxury scarves and shawls for ladies and men.

The loom used for my handweaving  is a Schacht Baby Wolf with 8 shafts and capable of weaving complex designs.

Silk is almost always the yarn used in my scarves and shawls.

The inspiration for my designs usually comes from nature and is very often water based. When weaving at home, I look out over a small Scottish loch and find the ever changing colours and patterns fascinating as the weather and seasons change.

 By no means am I a production weaver, preferring to weave small numbers of unique designs. These scarves are intended to be enjoyed for everyday wear and come in a variety of eye catching colours. 

 I weave in a pet free and tobacco free home. 

My work is exhibited in The Whitehouse Gallery Kirkcudbright and Gracefield Arts Centre Craft Shop in Dumfries.